Volume no. 9 (2014)

Volume no. 9 (full)

Romanian Journal of Grasslands and Forage Crops - Volume no. 9 (2014)


Ágnes Balászi, Rotar I. Păcurar F., Roxana Vidican, Anca Pleşa, Gliga A. , Anamaria Mălinaş.
Mulching And Mulching With Organic Fertilizing As An Alternative Way To Conserve The Oligotrophic Grasslands’ Phitodiveristy And Maintain Their Productivity In Apuseni Mountains

Andreea Cristina Ciopata, T. Maruşca, E.C. Has
Nutritional Quality Of A Number Of Weeds From Permanent Grasslands

Mirela Cirebea , Rotar I., Roxana Vidican , Păcurar F.
Management Of Natural Grasslands In Baisoara Village

Valeria Deac, Rotar I. , Roxana Vidican, Pacurar F., Anamaria Ciure (Marr. Mălinaş)
The Influence Of Organic And Mineral Fertilization On Soybeen Culture

A. Gliga, Rotar I., Vidican Roxana, Păcurar F., Balazsi Agnes, Ciure (Mar. Malinaș) Anamaria
Floristic Composition And Ecological Characterization Of Dealul Mare Semi-Natural Hay Meadow From Rodna Mountains

T Maruşcă, Blaj V.A., Mateescu Elena, Mocanu V., Haş C.E.
Influence Of Climatic Conditions On The Production Of Cow Milk In Sub Alpine Improved Pastures From Bucegi

Niste Monica, Roxana Vidican, I. Rotar, V. Stoian, Rodica Pop
Characterization Of Bacteria Isolated From Root Nodules Of Clover (Trifolium Pratense L.) And Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.) And The Effect On Nodulation And Plant Growth

I. Rotar, F. Păcurar, Roxana Vidican, Anca Pleşa, Ágnes Balászi
About Low-Input Farming Systems And Their Context

I. Rotar, Roxana Vidican, F. Păcurar, Anamaria Ciure (Mălinaş), A. Gliga, Ágnes Balászi
The Behavior Of The Mixture Formed By Trifolium Pratense, Medicago Sativa, Lolium Perenne, Festulolium, Phleum Pratense And Dactylis Glomerata Under The Influence Of Mineral Fertilization

M. Stavarache, V. Vîntu, C. Samuil, C. I. Popovici, Doina Tarcău
Variation In Magnesium Content Of Medicago Sativa L.

V. Stoian, Roxana Vidican, I. Rotar, F. Păcurar, Monica Niste
Analysis Of Disturbing Impact Of Management On The Stability Of Mycorrhizal Colonization In Mountain Meadows Ecosystems

Roxana Vidican, V. Stoian, F. Păcurar
The Effectiveness Of Fertilization And Treatments To Maintain The Stability Of Mycorrhizal Colonization

Rada Braila, Adriana Morea, Anamaria Ciure (Mălinaş), Alexandrina Toma., Avia Morar, Maria Piticar
Possibilities Of Accessing European Funds To Support Fodder Production

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